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Taomi is a blend of my name, Tamika and my sister’s name Naomi, together it is pronounced “Tay-Omi.” The idea of Taomi Tea N Treats was started by watching my mom make tea. My mother has always used tea for healing, self enjoyment and a way to have great communion with friends and family.

Even as an adult, my mom still prepares her tea, walks to the living room, sits on the couch and enjoys her cup of tea. Therefore, the idea of starting a Tea Business is no surprise to me at all. Furthermore, in my Haitian culture Tea is one of the healing foundations and we use tea for natural remedies which is very effective. As a child, I remember hosting my own pretend tea parties and sipping my tea in my pink small mug.


Even as a child, I knew the beauty of what a cup of tea can do for someone. So why did I have the desire to start a Tea business? The thought of turning tea into a business was initially an idea I had for my mom because her tea is so delicious. The more I thought about Tea the more it made me want to create it into a business for myself. I started thinking about the healing benefits of what tea can do for individuals and I always knew that if I ever created a Tea business I would name it “Taomi.”


The Tea N Treats part is essential because a yummy cup of tea reminds us to treat and take care of ourselves. Moreover, tea became one of the key elements to my digestive healing and mental wellness.

During the pandemic in 2020, I decided to share my love of Tea and I created blends that will help and remind individuals to take care of their body physically and mentally. Each blend I created helps with digestive issues, cold and flu symptoms, and so much more. Additionally each blend aids in mental wealth, self care and brings overall great vibes with friends and family. All blends have been blended with love and healing.